Monday, July 4, 2011


 Cooktown is a small town on the mouth of the Endeavour River. It was established in 1873 as port town to supply the goldfields along the Palmer River.
Main street in Cooktown
The population of Cooktown is approximately 1,400 people and it is the most northern town on the east coast of Australia.
Another view of the main street
It was extremely windy in Cooktown when we visited the town making walking around the town a challenge at times but it was well worth the effort.
Looking out to the Coral Sea
There are many reminders of Cooktown's historic past. In 1770 Captain Cook arrived in the area to repair his ship, The Endeavour.
Statue of Captain James Cook
Along the foreshore there are memorials to this event plus a statue of James Cook.
Play equipment representing The Endeavour
While in Cooktown we visited the James Cook Museum, a two storey building portraying the history of the town and region.
James Cook Museum
Before leaving town next morning the bus drove to the Grassy Knoll lookout where good views of Cooktown
View of Cooktown
and the Endeavour River can be seen - once again, thought, it was extremely windy.
View of Endeavour River from the hill
On the way out of town we passed the Black Mountain.
Black Mountain

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