Friday, August 26, 2011

Trip to Europe - July 2011

Friday 8 July
Left for Tullamarine Airport just after 10 am and at the airport we met the first group of people doing the APT trip - the APT back packs are a give-away. The plane left for Hong Kong at 2.40 pm and arrived approximately nine and a half hours later. This left one and a half hours before the departure of the plane to Zurich - a little tight but we made it. The flight to Hong Kong was with Cathay Pacific - no problems , plane on time, food good, entertainment consoles good. Watched the films Paul, Rango and The Tree. Also listened to music. The second and third flights were with Swiss Air and were also well run services. The entertainment console on the second plane was a little temperamental but as lights were out for most of the trip so people could try and sleep this was not really a problem.

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