Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bath to Wootton Courtenay

Monday 15 August
On the way out of Bath we stopped at Grosvenor Place to take photographs of the building where George and James Mackillop lived.
We then drove to Wootton Courtenay in Somerset.
We stayed at Dunkery Beacon, a bed and breakfast hotel with fantastic views of the countryside.
View from hotel window towards Dunkery Beacon.
I went for a walk to explore the village including All Saints' Church. The oldest part of the church was built in approximately 1250. The nave was rebuilt in approximately 1450 and the north nave added. During the nineteenth century the original square tower was replaced by the present 'saddleback' design.
In the cemetery surrounding the church we located some Court family graves. At the front of the church is a large yew tree dating back to the time of the Black Death.

Dinner was at Dunster, a village about 5 miles from Wootton Courtenay.
Features of the village are its mediaeval buildings including the yarn market built in 1609, castle and impressive church.

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