Friday, August 26, 2011


Wednesday 13 July
Woke up to views of river banks with small houses, some on stilts near the water. After breakfast we went through another lock. There had been an unexpected delay during the night so we did not dock until 9.45.
We met our guide and drove through Vienna to Schoennbrunn Palace - the summer palace of the Hapsburgs. Magnificent gardens and building elaborately decorated, especially within - wooden parquetry floors, walls covered with large tapestries or silk wallpaper or with features outlined with gold. The Chinese influence was strong in a number of the rooms decorated with blue and white Chinese designs and Chinese porcelain. A different route was taken on the return trip with the guide pointing out major sites.
We had the option of returning to the town to spend the afternoon exploring but chose to stay on the boat and take a walk around the local area.
Walked along the riverbank to a small settlement where people enjoyed the river, either swimming or sun baking while a few people paddled canoes. Part of the river had been diverted and was used as a marina for small boats and also accommodated a motor boat clubhouse. This settlement was on the outskirts of Vienna with vineyards close by. Quite picturesque.
After an early dinner we were bused to the Aeursperg Palace to attend a concert of music by Mozart and Strauss. There were 10 musicians, two vocalists and two ballet dancers providing the entertainment. An enjoyable evening followed by a drive back to the ship through night time Vienna.

Before we left for the concert we learned that a shuttle bus driver had been knocked down by a cyclist and was injured - concussion and bruised ribs. Cyclists have a dedicated lane next to the footpath and many riding in this lane think they can travel at any speed without regard for pedestrians who might be leaving a bus, for example.

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