Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cardiff and Penarth

Thursday 11 August
Drove to Monmeath in Wales to spend part of the day with Marilyn, discuss family history etc. We then continued to Cardiff.

Friday 12 August
Another grey overcast day with occasional drizzle but fine at first so decided to explore Bute Street while the weather held.
Census records show that members of Robin's family lived in Bute Street and Bute Street West and also in James Street so we set out to explore this area and parts of the docks where some of the men were employed.
We then visited the Bute Street History and Arts Centre and spoke to Mari, a PhD student at Cardiff University writing a thesis on Bute Street and the wharves. She located information about The Ship Inn once owned by one family member.
Mari recommended that we visit the Pierhead Building  for an exhibition on the area including an excellent short film on the history of the wharf area. When we were in Cardiff the building was being renovated and covered with scaffolding. The Pierhead Building  has been a significant building in the Cardiff Bay docks area since 1897. The guide recommended a walk around the dock area and when we said that we planned to visit Penarth she told us how to walk there via the barrages - an interesting walk.
Once at Penarth we walked up the hill
and then down to the Penarth Pier where we ate a chip butty before returning to Cardiff.

Cardiff flourished during the nineteenth century largely due to the exportation of coal. It was an extremely busy port. Information boards on the barrages provide an account of the activities.

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