Friday, August 26, 2011


Saturday 16 July
Woke to a sunny morning on the Danube with the ship sailing to Regensburg. The temperature yesterday was in the low 20s with around 24 degrees expected today - very pleasant.
Regensburg is another fascinating town with remnants of buildings going back to Roman times.
The Cathedral of St Peter is magnificent with high columns and masses of stained glass windows. You are able to go downstairs to the crypt where remains of religious leaders are buried. One of the plaques registers the remains of more than 200 Roman skeletons found in the area.
There is also a stone bridge, dating back to medieval times, which crosses three branches of the river. It is too low for the boat to pass under so the boat had to move backwards a short distance and then use a canal to bypass the bridge.
The town also has many merchant houses - tall towers - dating back to medieval times.
Robin went on another bike ride, this time to Walhalla - a monument built like a Greek Parthenon containing busts of German musicians, scientists, politicians.
At lunch time Sabina showed me how to make towel dogs and rabbits. Earlier in the morning we had spent time watching how Captain Lukas guides the ship.

After dinner there was a 60s night in the lounge but we decided not to go.

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