Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hanley Swan and Malvern

Tuesday 9 August
We visited the Mersey River - impressively large - before heading south for Malvern.
On the way 10 police vans from the Lancashire constabulary passed us on the way to London to help with potential rioting and looting in the city.

We stayed at the Swan Inn at Hanley Swan,
a small village with hotel, general store, butcher and bakery. The fish van called into the pub in the afternoon.
There is an oak tree outside the hotel that was planted in the 1840s.
A duck-pond is a feature of the village.
An impressive church building, St Gabriel's Church, with cemetery is around the corner. Bell ringing practice took place at 8.15 pm .

In the afternoon we went to investigate Malvern. At the information office Robin spoke to Anne whose father worked at the same radar establishment as Robin's father during World War II. We went to check some possible locations and had a look around the town, including locating the auction rooms of Philip Serrell.

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