Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Stonehenge, Avebury and Old Sarum

Sunday 21 August
Stonehenge first. Much smaller than we anticipated but spent some time walking around the path surrounding the stone circle dodging people taking photographs of each other with stones in the background.
The stones are most impressive, especially when you realise how long they have been there and you can imagine how they would have held special significance for people for 5,000 years.
A ditch surrounds the circle of stones, except where a path leads directly to the stones.
As we walked around the monument it started to rain - again.
We then travelled to Avebury via the scenic route and arrived eventually. Avebury is a small village with a large circle of stones within a huge ditch. It took quite some time to wander around the site.
The huge circle of stones is surrounded by a large ditch.
We were given directions to view one of the white horses etched on a hill near Cherhill before heading off to Old Sarum near Salisbury.
Sally (our Sat Nav) decided to take us via the back rounds which somewhat extended the trip, gave Robin additional experience driving in lanes though we did pass a number of barrows including the Long Barrow  at West Kennet.
Old Sarum consists of the remains of a castle built by William the Conqueror
and also the foundation stones of the first Cathedral before the new Cathedral was built at Salisbury.
A major feature is the two large, very deep, ditches - one around the castle and the other around the entire site.
This had originally been a Neolithic site before being used in the Bronze Age, Iron Age, during Roman occupation and by the Saxons.

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