Friday, August 26, 2011

Durnstein to Melk

Thursday 14 July
Our first stop for the morning was Durnstein in the Wachau Valley.
Durnstein is a small colourful town with buildings dating from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. It rained shortly after our arrival but by the time we were ready for our walk the weather was fine but cool.
We spent a couple of hours exploring and also tasting local wines.
We then started climbing the steps to the ruins of an old castle. Robin completed the climb but I decided to stop half way as the steps were becoming more challenging. Robin returned via a different route without the steps which would have been a much better route to take had we known about it.
After lunch Robin joined a group of cyclists who had opted to cycle to our next stop, Melk.
The rest of us stayed on the boat and enjoyed the scenery from the river - many pretty towns surrounded by vineyards and other vegetation. For a short time during this part of the trip it started raining again.
Robin returned just before 4 pm as were ready to go for a walk to Melk Abbey.
Melk Abbey is magnificent. It is a huge building with beautiful internal decorations in the rooms that we were shown and also in the church.
I then walked back through the town, across the bridge and along the road back to the river and the boat.
After dinner we were entertained by the group - The Sounds of Austria.

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