Friday, August 26, 2011

Wertheim to Miltenberg

Wednesday 20 July
Five swans and a flotilla of ducks glided past the window this morning.
Raining. Bike ride to Freundenberg was abandoned. We went for a walk in the rain to explore Wertheim.
Had a great guide, Udo, who showed us the sights including the leaning tower of Wertheim (built on sand and affected by constant flooding). Udo took us into the tower which had been used as a prison and we climbed up the spiral staircase to look down through the hole where food was lowered to the prisoners.
Wertheim is at the junction of the Main and Tauber rivers and subject to constant flooding. Udo showed us a bridge over the Tauber which could be raised when the river flooded. Gates can also be inserted between walls to try and stop the floodwaters coming into the town. We walked through the town and climbed to the castle.
We visited the shop, Bon-Apart, of Karl the glassblower from last night and purchased some items.
It rained most of the morning but it was a great expedition.
We returned to the boat which had travelled to Freundenberg where we had lunch while the boat continued to Miltenberg. In the afternoon there was another walking tour providing the opportunity to explore this small town which has a number of buildings dating back to the late 1300s. The rain had stopped.
After a German dinner the entertainment was provided by Pitchwork, a trio singing and playing instruments including piano accordion, cornet, flute and drum. The entertaining group provided a show full of energy.

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