Friday, August 26, 2011

Kitzingen to Wurzburg

Tuesday 19 July
We arrived in Kitzingen while having breakfast. It was a bright sunny, but cool, morning. A family of swans glided past our window this morning. Robin went for another bike ride while I joined a walking group around Kitzingen in the morning.
Kitzingen was a US military base after the war. There are many interesting buildings in the town including the synagogue
and the town's cemetery.
Another landmark is the Leaning Tower.
Other views of Kitzingen
In the afternoon we visited the palace at Wurzburg.
Magnificent. Opulent. Friezes painted by Tripelo. The Mirror Room was incredible. The central sections of the building with the domed roof remained intact during the bombing in 1945 but the sections with flat roof were destroyed.
Sunny afternoon - enjoyed walking around another town largely destroyed during the War but rebuilt.
View from the bridge particularly good.
On the hill is the fortress which was replaced by the palace used by the bishop princes until Napoleon strolled into town and evicted them.
In the evening there was a glassblowing demonstration in the lounge.

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