Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Shipton Gorge

Thursday 18 August
It was raining and cold once more as we returned to Sherborne to visit the Somerset and Dorset Family History Society  for some research. Shortly after we arrived we were greeted by Brian, our friendly guide at the Abbey yesterday. Some time was spent trying to resolve some of Robin's research dead ends without success but one of the researchers did give some suggestions of other societies that we could try as the county borders were transient at the time. Brian also provided some information about agricultural labourers that can be explored further. In the 1800s they were often employed for up to nine months at a time before moving to another job.

After a warm drink and sharing another warm cheese scone and a sticky date slice we had a quick walk around the outside of the Abbey before driving off to explore Shipton Gorge.
We had a look around St Martin's Church and located one Gale grave.

We then walked around the town
and finally called into the pub for a hot drink
before returning to West Camel, via Bridport, and some warmth. The temperature today reached 13 degrees.

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