Tuesday, August 30, 2011

North Wales

Monday 8 August
We spent the day exploring North Wales. Started at Mold where we walked around the town
and viewed sites such as St Mary's Church, built in the 1500s.
From there we drove through the countryside to Llanrwst nestled by a river in the hills.
We walked along the riverbank, sometimes in the rain,
and in a park located a circle of standing stones erected in 1951 as part of an Eistedfod.

The next stop was Denbigh where we spent a short time with Marcus from the cricket club.
While Robin was trying to contact him I wandered off to explore the remains of an old castle on a hill.
Nearby were the ruins of a building that was to have been a cathedral but was never completed (Leicester's church)
and the remains of the gate and wall of the settlement.

We drove through Hawarden on the way back to Chester. It is an attractive town but we were unable to locate the cricket club.

Back at the hotel in Chester we had what can only be described as the worst meal of the trip (the old English reputation for uninteresting overcooked food with no flavour was demonstrated as still occurring), especially disappointing as the meal the previous night had been good.

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