Monday, November 30, 2015

Seniors Cricket Australia National Championships - Hobart - Game 3

Thursday 19 November saw us travel across the Tasman Bridge to Kangaroo Bay where Victoria Metro was to play Western Australia.
Once again the cricket ground was situated in a picturesque location.
The ground is the home of the Clarence District Cricket Club and the ground is currently being developed. At present a number of portables serve as changing rooms, toilets etc. but there are plans for building permanent  club rooms in the next year or two. Before the game open tents needed to be put up for some protection from the sun.
Once the initial preparations were underway the players posed for the team photo for the champioship.
Western Australia batted first and made 146 runs. The Victorians passed the score in the 41st over.
After some close games, victory at last.
It was a beautiful day, except for the gusty wind in the area near the ground, so after watching the start of the game I went for a walk following a path by the river.
Views of Hobart from across the river
View of the Tasman Bridge
In the afternoon I went for a short work by the river in the other direction.
Past the marina I came to the Charles Darwin Trail. Charles Darwin had visited Kangaroo Bay in February 1836.
The Charles Darwin Trail goes for 11 kilometres but I only had time to walk a short distance before returning to the cricket to see the end of the match. It had been a great day.

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