Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Hobart - Exploring the city (1)

The trip to Hobart wasn't just cricket. I also spent time exploring the city - sometimes with Robin and sometimes on my own. Hobart is a small, compact city and easy to explore on foot.
Docklands end of Campbell Street
A major feature of the city is the River Derwent and locations around the river.
Elizabeth Street Pier
The docks area is a focal point of the city.
During the week of our visit a large cruise liner berthed for the day dwarfing buildings and other vessels in the area.
A day or two later a cargo ship arrived.
Tug boat
Former warehouse buildings in Hunter Street line the side of Victoria Dock, memories of Hobart's trading past.
Markers in the footpath are reminders that this area once formed the causeway linking Hunter Island in the river to the settlement on the mainland in Sullivans Cove.
Information boards in this area provide information about Hobart's early history.
There is also a memorial commemorating 150 years of European settlement.

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