Sunday, July 31, 2016

Port Douglas - Four Mile Beach

A short walk down Macrossan Street is Four Mile Beach.
This long stretch of firm sand is ideal for walking and exploring. In July 1932 Charles Kingsford Smith landed his plane, the Southern Cross, on the beach.
People walk, run or cycle along the sand or just sit and enjoy the sunshine.
At the Macrossan Street end of the beach life savers patrol a section of the beach for swimming.
Beach cricket, beach soccer, beach volley ball are only some of the games played on this stretch of sand.
At the far end of the beach, kites are sometimes flown.
Small sailing boats can be launched from the beach
or can be seen sailing by.
Coconut palms border the beach and coconuts can frequently be found near the palms or at the water line.
Not so many people frequent the far end of the beach but this is also a special place.
When the tide is out the beach seems to double in size.
Shells and coral can often be found on the sand at low tide.
Around the curve at the far end of the beach are mangrove swamps to admire from afar. Crocodiles have been seen in this area.
One afternoon we discovered this kookaburra on the sand.
On another occasion we found this sand crocodile.
When the tide goes out crabs create these patterns in the sand.
Photographing the small crabs, however, can be a challenge.
Sunset was approaching when this photograph was taken.
Four Mile Beach is a beautiful place to visit and explore.

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