Saturday, March 3, 2018

Launceston - Cataract Gorge wildlife

One of the features of Cataract Gorge is the wildlife you meet, especially near the kiosk area.
A small wallaby hopped along the path in front of us and disappeared into the bush. Further on we located a number of wallabies amongst the trees and in the gardens.
But it is the peacocks who rule the area.
These colourful, regal looking birds parade around the gardens showing often their finery as they look for food.
The female birds, although not so colourful, also patrol the gardens with great dignity.
At the kiosk a mother bird explored the area with her three chicks.
Visitors to the Gorge were entertained watching the birds meaner among the tables taking little notice of those watching.
We passed this sleeping beauty, showing the beautiful colours of his feathers, as we left the area to walk back to town.

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