Saturday, September 29, 2012


In August 2006 we flew from Melbourne to Broome on the north-east coast of Western Australia. The town of Broome is situated on Roebuck Bay and since the early 1880s has been a major centre for pearling in Australia. By 1910 almost 400 luggers and 3,500 people were involved in pearling off the coast of Broome. Pearling is still important but tourism is now a major industry with thousands of people visiting this remote, but beautiful, area each year. Broome is also the gateway for exploring the Kimberleys and many tourists visit Broome and then explore the more remote areas of the region.

We stayed at Cable Beach Club Resort. Cable Beach consists of twenty-two kilometres of sand on the Indian Ocean and is a wonderful place to enjoy the sun and the sea and to relax.

Blue sky, sun, sand, warm water for swimming - what more could you ask for.

However walking north along the sand and looking up at the sand dunes you can understand why the European sailors who first viewed this area decided not to stay as they all they could see past the sand dunes was desert.

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