Sunday, August 2, 2015

Hampton Court Palace

While visiting East Molesey on 30 July I went for a walk along the banks of the Thames to Hampton Court Palace. Built 500 years ago this Tudor palace is a most impressive building.
The palace is an easy walk along the banks of the Thames River from the East Molesey cricket ground. Numerous water birds, including swans, can be seen during the walk.
It is quite a busy stretch of river with a variety of boats.
When crossing the bridge the castle comes into view.
The gates announce the celebration of the 500 year history of the palace.
The impressive palace buildings can be viewed from the driveway.
Although there is a charge to view inside the palace buildings and the inner gardens including the maze members of the public can freely wander around the outer grounds.
The extensive rose gardens also provide another panorama of the palace buildings.
Some of the roses are very beautiful.
The vegetable gardens are also worth a visit.
Lavender bushes line the path.
Flower pots on sticks support the mesh used to protect the cabbages and other vegetables.
There are also more colourful floral displays.
Back across the bridge and a view of some of the houses lining the river banks.
I also passed the shopping centre on the way back to the cricket ground.
An enjoyable way to spend an hour or two.

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