Thursday, August 6, 2015

VOSCA tour team to England

Members of the VOSCA over 60s cricket team that toured England in July 2015 were:
  • David Baker
  • Graeme Cook
  • Robin Court
  • Gordon Cowling
  • Guy Eastwood
  • Don Everett
  • Lindsay Fisher
  • David Green
  • John Miller
  • John Moore
  • Geoff Olfield
  • Gary Semple
  • Dick Stumbles
  • Greg Watsford
  • Bill Wigmore
Plus honorary Victorian from the ACT, Bill Rowe.

The WAGS who toured with the team were Lyn Wigmore, Julie Cowling, Margaret Everett, Nola Baker, Karen Semple, Yvonne Moore, Glenda Eastwood and Vicki Court.

Thirteen games were scheduled against county over 60s teams for the four week tour but only ten games were played as two were washed out and Derbyshire cancelled their game. Most of the games were against northern county over 60s teams with a few from the southern counties. Of the ten games played the Victorian team won three - against Yorkshire, Leicestershire and Kent.

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