Monday, August 1, 2016

Port Douglas - Low Isles

This was our third trip to the Low Isles with Sailaway. Since our last visit they now have an afternoon cruise to the isles so we decided to go on that one.
It was raining when the bus collected us to go to the marina however after a short time the weather had cleared and some of us sat outside as we travelled to the islands.
A small boat took us to Low Island where most people went snorkelling.
A few of us decided to explore the island. A small museum provides information about the history  Low Isles and its environment.
The grave of the wife of a former lighthouse keeper on the island.
It was low tide so it was possible to examine rock pools and coral uncovered for a short time.
Rounding a corner we came upon a group of pelicans.
There is also some dramatic driftwood to be seen on this part of the beach.
When the snorklers returned there was a short guided tour of part of Low Isle.
Osprey have built a nest on top of the lighthouse.
Back on Sailaway we had afternoon tea and a drink before sailing back to Port Douglas. Another great day.

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