Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Return to Port Douglas

After three years we returned to Port Douglas for a two week relaxing holiday in July 2016. To our relief there had not been too many changes during that time although some restaurants, such as Finz, had closed and others, such as 2 Fish, had changed location. The Reef Marina is having a face lift and there are now more stores open in this area. Otherwise Port Douglas is as we remembered it.
We stayed again at the Regal in a spacious apartment overlooking the pool. The Regal is on the corner of Macrossan and Owen streets so is centrally located. Close to the beach, close to the marina and close to shops and restaurants.
As usual one of the biggest choices each day is deciding where and what to eat for dinner each evening. Such a variety of food options from which to choose.
We left for Queensland at the end of the school holidays which proved to be a good move as Port Douglas had been very busy the previous two weeks. Melbourne was very cold when we left so we enjoyed the warm July weather with maximum temperatures generally between 24 and 27 degrees Celsius. It rained during part of the second week, usually at night, but even when there were showers during the day it did not stop us from doing anything.
We had hired a car which was kept in the garage under the appartments so we had the freedom to explore the surrounding area - including Mossman Gorge, Daintree Village and Cape Tribulation - whenever we wanted to.
And then there is the major attraction of Port Douglas - Four Mile Beach - which we walked along most days. Every time you walk along this beach it is different. It is also a great way to exercise.
Rex Smeal Park and Anzac Park are a favourite place to visit when in Port Douglas.
This is a most picturesque park overlooking the sea and the inlet.
A number of large fig trees are a feature of the park.
Down on the rocks it looks as if Makka Pakka has been here.
The Port Douglas World War Memorial is located in Anzac Park.
Around the corner is the marina where yachts and other boats are moored and from where the vessels to the reef leave.
We had seen signs alerting us to the train but on this visit we actually saw it. It leaves from outside the marina and as well as a sight seeing vehicle for tourists it is used by some locals to travel to the other side of the town. The steam engine is being repaired but the train still runs regularly.
We regularly wander down to this beautiful part of Port Douglas. It is particularly popular before sunset when the boats are returning to the marina but it is a good place to visit any part of the day.
On Sundays the extensive Sunday Market is held opposite the top of Macrossan Street between St Mary's by the Sea and Anzac Park.
A smaller market is held at the marina on a Wednesday afternoon.
One example of the many things that makes Port Douglas special is the sea themed rubbish bins to be found in Macrossan Street.

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