Sunday, November 20, 2016

Perth - exploring beaches

After the completion of the Senior Cricket Australia National Championships we stayed in Perth to spend the weekend with my brother and his family. This was also an opportunity to explore Perth outside the central city and cricket grounds.
JOONDALUP LAKE: Recently a duck had made a nest in my brother's garden and eight ducklings were hatched. When the duck family was ready to leave they were escorted to Lake Joodalup where hopefully they are now living safely. We therefore wanted to see the lake, the home of many ducks and other water birds.
MATILDA BAY: We had lunch at Matilda Bay on the Swan River, a peaceful place with views of Perth and the nearby marina.
Andrew relaxing - taking in the view
COTTESLOE BEACH: North of Fremantle is Cottesloe Beach.
Cottesloe Beach Pavilion
When we arrived a shark spotter plane flew over the beach, the alarm sounded, the flags on the beach were removed and the swimmers left the water. Only one swimmer ventured back into the water for a short time before deciding to return to the beach.
View of the beach
Looking towards Fremantle
HILLARYS BOAT HARBOUR: Hillarys Boat Harbour, south of Joondalup, was the final destination.
We explored the shops and had a drink at San Churros before returning home.

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