Friday, June 26, 2015

Game 8 against Berkshire at Henley

The long drive to Henley on Thames was well worth it when we arrived at the picturesque Henley Cricket Club.
Henley Cricket Club was founded in 1869 as a club for gentlemen. Another club was formed in 1886 for the working man. Both clubs disbanded during World War I but reformed as the Henley Cricket Club in 1931. The new club rooms were opened in 2010.
The grounds belong to the club and each year, during the Henley Regatta, they are used, with the exception of the pitch, for car parking. This is a major fundraiser for the club.
Berkshire batted first and at 43 overs were all out for 138 runs. Brian Scott bowled 9 overs resulting in 2 for 31 runs, Robin bowled 3 overs getting 3 wickets for 15 while James Martin bowled 7 overs getting 2 wickets for 16 runs. The team bowled and fielded well taking 6 catches and there was also a run out.
In the 31st over Australia got the 133 runs required for the loss of one wicket. James Martin 52 and John Dedman 50 both retired. Greg Johnson scored the winning run on his birthday.
After the match a photograph was taken of the two teams with the dog who had spent the day watching the match.
A birthday cake was present to Greg for his birthday.
Henley is a very pretty town on the River Thames and we spent some time exploring.
Next door to the cricket ground are the Greencroft Allotments where members of the community grow vegetable or flower gardens.
The day we visited Henley rowing trials were taking place so it was very busy.
Crossing the bridge and looking in one direction you could see some of the boats preparing.
However we walked in the opposite direction to the loch and the weir
after eating lunch at the hotel.
There were many boats moored along the river including the Midsomer Maiden.
The weir includes fish ladders on either side.
We watched a number of boats navigate the loch.
Swans, ducks and geese swam happily on the river, including this mother carrying a baby on her back.
It was another great day.

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