Wednesday, June 10, 2015


On the first morning in Yeovil I decided to explore while the men had a training session. There are many interesting buildings in the town some, such as the Mermaid hotel, dating back to the 1600s.
The town has an interesting streetscape with a wide selection of architectural styles.
In 2000, to mark the new millennium, plaques were placed on some of the older buildings denoting their heritage significance. A monument to commemorate the Millennium was located at the junction of Henford and South Street.
One of the first places I visited was the local library. A staff member was photographing a new display in the library window so we discussed displays, the relationship of the library with local history organisations as well as the role of public libraries. Inside I met two other staff members and we discussed the increasing use of information technology in libraries including the challenges when the computer systems slowed down or refused to work. They were experiencing network issues. I had a look around the library collections. On the second floor there was a comprehensive local history collection. There was also a large collection of books relating to aircraft - the area has a large naval air museum and connections to the aviation industry. There was also an excellent sheet music collection.
The other place where I spent some time St John's Church. The first part of the building was constructed in the late 1300s with many extensions and alterations since then. The church tower is currently being restored.
I spent some time speaking to a member of the church about the history of the building and the memorial windows. It is an impressive building.
Outside the church most of the trees have been decorated with knitted items, including blankets. Apparently they had appeared on the trees three days earlier - all a bit of a mystery.
Back on the main street I continued on to the market which is held from Tuesday to Friday.
There are a variety of stalls, some selling fruit
while another sold meat.
There was also a collection of garden items for sale.
Street entertainers providing Peruvian music was unexpected.
On the way back to the hotel I passed the war memorial erected to the memory of soldiers and civilians who died during the two world wars. 

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