Thursday, June 19, 2014

Booking Holidays Online

There are a wide range of websites that allow you to plan and book holidays online. Booking holidays online is relatively easy -
  1. Make your selection, 

  2. Fill in the details on the form provided, including credit card details and 

  3. Confirm the booking
However care does need to be taken when booking holidays online.
  • Check the About Us section of the website for general information about the website and the travel company

  • Check the FAQ section and /or the Help section for guidelines on using the website when planning and booking holidays

  • Read the booking details carefully. The price for a flight might look really good but the departure time may not be suitable or there may be a stop-over making the trip a lot longer than a direct flight

  • When booking flights, check for additional charges - government taxes, meals, baggage or for type of credit card used for payment

  • Baggage arrangements can differ between airlines and at different times of the day.

    • On some flights only Carry On baggage may be allowed

    • Check the limits for Carry On baggage - number of items, weight and size

    • Check the limits for Checked baggage - number of items, weight and size

    • Check arrangements and charges if carrying Oversize items
[The websites of the individual airlines will have a page about Baggage - what can and cannot be  carried]
  • Read the small print. Some travel websites list the fees they charge on the home page of the website. All travel websites will have information about additional booking charges on the booking pages

  • Check the conditions for what happens if you change your plans:

    • There could be no refund available 

    • There could be an additional charge if you change the booking to another date

  • Check the time needed to be at the airport before departure

  • If a city or state has multiple airports check which airport the airline uses

  • When booking a package holiday such as a cruise or a tour check if there will be additional costs - lunches, additional optional tours or events for example

  • If booking accommodation check the Check In and Check Out times and if the accommodation will look after luggage outside these times

  • If prices are quoted in a foreign currency - check the value in Australian dollars
Only click the Confirm Booking button when you are certain that this is the flight or accommodation or holiday package that you really want and that all the details have been checked.

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