Monday, June 16, 2014

Recording your holiday memories

Blogs (web logs) are a good way to record your holidays. Some people make regular blog posts during a trip while others compile blog posts telling of the holiday when they return home.

Blogger and WordPress are two blogging sites. After joining the selected blogging site, click the button to create a new blog. Choose a design theme for the blog (this can be changed later if you change your mind) and start the first post. Blog posts can consist of text, images and links to online sources.
Typing a blog post is similar to typing in a simple word processing program. Icons in the menu bar allow formatting of the text. Most people will keep to this view of the post box however if you want to alter the html for the page just click the html button to view the html for the page.

Once you are comfortable with working with blogs you can explore and experiment with additional features including labels to assist locating posts with similar information, adding a search box for the blog and making a selection of other gadgets offered to extend the blog.

Before publishing the post the Preview button can be used to see how the post looks. When you are satisfied with the post use the Publish button to allow the post to be viewed online.

Blogs are an easy way to tell the story of your holiday. Most of the posts on this blog record family holidays.

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