Sunday, June 15, 2014

Travel search tools - Lastminute

Hotels, Flights and Restaurants are among the services that can be located and booked on Lastminute. The website is a 'lifestyle website' as well as a travel website. Bookings can be made for destinations anywhere in the world.
Quoting from the Lastminute website - ' is Australia’s leading travel and lifestyle website. We give our customers the inside track on how to find smarter, affordable, inspirational travel and leisure solutions that help them make the most of every lastminute. From hotels to holidays, flights to facials, and cooking classes to car hire, is the perfect way to source everything you need to turn your weekends and getaways into ones to remember. Offering fabulous deals for those with champagne taste on a beer budget, is proudly responsible for launching the Secret Hotels® concept in Australia.'

Like other travel websites to look for hotels you fill in a form selecting the location from a drop-down list, days accommodation is required, number of guests, select minimum star rating and indicate cost prepared to pay per night. If you know the name of the hotel where you want to stay, type the name in the search box and click the Go button. 
A list of hotels with accommodation prices is provided. The search can be narrowed using the options in the side-bar on the left of the screen. Clicking the image of the hotel to obtain detailed information about the rooms and prices. Click the Book button to book the selected room.
A point of difference  between Lastminute and other accommodation booking websites is that it has a Secret Hotels option. Quoting once again from the website - 'Only can offer you this exclusive hotel deal from one of our best-selling hotel partners. The other guests in the hotel would be jealous if they knew how much less you’d paid than them for the same room, so the hotel wants to keep it a Secret.' A special price has been arranged for selected rooms but the purchaser finds out in an email the name of the accommodation after they have concluded the booking. There is a no cancellation and no refund policy on this option,

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