Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hawaii - Around Oahu Tour

On Saturday we set out on a Custom Island Tour of Oahu. Our departure was delayed as the number of vehicles sent to take us on this expedition was not enough to carry those who had booked. Therefore four people missed out. Those who went on the tour also missed out on visiting Hanauma Bay. Instead we by-passed this region and instead travelled along the Pali Highway.
Our first stop was the Nu'uanu Pali Lookout.
On arrival we were greeted by a group of chickens wandering around the area. Apparently some years ago a hurricane destroyed part of a poultry farm with the result that chickens now roam wild throughout much of the east of the island.
While at the lookout it started to rain - not a good start for the tour.
The next stop was at Macadamia Nuts on the road to Ka'a'awa. The scenery in this area is impressive with volcanic mountains and lush tropical vegetation.
Back in the coach we had a view of the small island, Chinaman's Hat. And yes, it was raining again.
Further along the coast we had another stop at Laie Point to admire the rugged scenery.
There were a number of people fishing from the rocks.
The lunch stop was at Fumis Shrimp Farm in Kahuku area at the north of Oahu where a variety of prawn dishes are on offer. I had prawns coated in coconut. Lunch was eaten in the covered outdoor area at the side of the shop.
Some of the prawn ponds can be seen behind the shop.
Our journey then continued along the North Shore beaches passing Turtle Bay Resort and stopping further south at Waimea Bay.
This area is a popular surfing location for part of the year but the sea was calm when we visited.
At the far end of the beach is a rock used by some for jumping into the sea despite warning signs on the beach.
The beach is another picturesque location
There would probably have been more people if the weather had been better.
In the car park were monkey pod trees. We had seen many of these trees during the day. The branches can form a large low canopy and during the Second World War aeroplanes were sometimes hidden under trees like this one.
In the far distance a line of windmills can be seen.
This coastal area is part of the Pupukea Marine Life Conservation District and a few miles south we stopped at a beach to look at turtles.
There were many large turtles in the water but they were not easy to photograph.
The route back to the hotel took us through the centre of the island. On the way we stopped at the Dole Plantation to look at the shop. The Dole Plantation is a pineapple plantation.
The property next door has a version of a giant pineapple, proving that we were in pineapple country.
It was then back to Waikiki where we had a few minutes before leaving for the luau at Paradise Cove.

The day trip was a good way to see parts of Oahu other than Waikiki.

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