Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hawaii - Cricket in Hawaii part 3

The Honolulu Cricket Club was established in 1893 though cricket had been played on the island many years prior to that. Interest in cricket declined in the period around the two world wars but emerged again when the club found a permanent home at Kapiolani Park in the 1960s. The members enjoy playing social cricket, often playing matches against themselves. They also host teams from other countries as well as tour to other countries.
During the current over 60s tour the club arranged with the Council for us to have access to the ground as they only have access to their part of the ground on Sundays. They also organised lunches and erected the awnings for seating and protection from the sun.
One of the biggest problems was the length and lushness of the grass. The grass was cut by the Council the day before the commencement of the carnival but the grass was still long by Australian standards. The cut grass was also left on the ground making it difficult for a batsman to hit a ball along the ground. During the lunch break of the first day one of the club members attempted to rake some of the grass off the ground. However the Council objected to the piles of cut grass at one side of the ground.
The club has use of the cricket pitch in the park on a Sunday. They bring all the equipment required to stage a game with them, set it up and dismantle it at the end of the game.
The following photos show some of the process involved in packing up.
Pack stumps, cones and other cricket equipment in trolleys.
Fold trestle tables and carry to the truck.
Carry chairs usually in groups or individually to the truck.
Dismantle the awnings.
Pull the trolleys to the truck.
Pack items into the truck.
Finish dismantling the awnings and pack remaining items into trolleys to be taken to the truck.
The club has a system in place but it is definitely a team effort to set up and pack up before and after the game.
It is then time for the players to leave.

We thank the Honolulu Cricket Club for hosting our carnival and ensuring that all ran smoothly especially when fixtures had to be changed due to the weather. At our team dinner a raffle was held to raise funds towards the purchase of a ride on mower for the club to provide a better playing surface for cricket. The club also has plans to obtain a portable pitch so that two games can be played at the same time. This would help them grow the club especially if youth teams and even a ladies' team could be established. It will be interesting to see what evolves over the years.

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