Thursday, September 27, 2018

Stratford upon Avon

On 4 August we travelled from Kings Lynn to the Hilton Hotel at Warwick, our base for the next ten days. On the way we visited Stratford upon Avon. We had previously visited this town in 2015.
Stratford upon Avon is best known for its associations with William Shakespeare.
Shakespeare's birthday is located in the main street - Henley Street.
View of the back of the cottage and garden.
Older styled buildings line one side of a busy street.
Like many towns and villages in England impressive displays of flowers line the streets.
We decided to go for a walk beside the Avon River.
We soon discovered that others from our group had the same idea.
Lots of activity on the river as well as on the river banks.
As well as the locals and tourists, the birds enjoy the river.
The birds are also quite at home on land.
We came across an area where a version of a play by Shakespeare was about to be performed. Apparently this space is referred to as The Dell and is situated in the Avonbank Gardens. The Royal Shakespeare Company has a number of theatres and companies including a group named The Other Company. During the summer The Other Company arranges for student, community and semi-professional groups to perform at The Dell.
Productions in the gardens are free. Audience waiting for the play to start. Unfortunately the play began too late for us to watch it.
Actors from the Oratory Foundation of Trinidad and Tobago waiting to perform their version of the play, The Taming of the Shrew.
Back in town to meet the rest of our group at the coach we passed the Ghost of Shakespeare wandering down the street.
As we passed the statue of the Court Jester, our coach drove back to the meeting point to take us the hotel at Warwick.

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