Monday, July 29, 2013

Port Douglas 2013 - Wildlife Habitat

Wednesday was overcast and windy but still warm so we went for a 6 km walk along the beach. It was high tide so the amount of sand was greatly reduced. Much of the sand was covered with multi coloured leaves, pieces of coral, drift wood, palm fronds and coconuts.
Some had blown down during the night but many had also arrived via the waves.  
In the afternoon we went down to the marina to check out the Wednesday market with a variety of stalls – a smaller version of the Sunday market. We had a vanilla ice cream from the Vanilla Australia stall – very tasty.
At 5.25 we met Shannon from the Wildlife Habitat and with one other person went on a night tour of the sanctuary. It was brilliant. We saw a variety of birds including jabiru (James and Jabba and their offspring), a cassowary, herons, magpie geese to name a few.
We also met owls and a pair of tawny frogmouths.
 One of these, Audrey, sat on my arm for a time.  
We walked through enclosures feeding wallabies, meeting an emu, viewing eels and crocodiles and flying foxes. There were also frogs, the opportunity to meet a python and view koalas and a quoll. Wandering around the enclosures in a group of three with a guide viewing the animals as they went to sleep or woke up was a great experience.

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