Saturday, July 27, 2013

Port Douglas 2013

On 20 July we left Melbourne on a cold wet Saturday morning.  Abby came to the airport to see us off and to also look at the aeroplanes.
 As we flew over Cairns the sky was blue with only a few white fluffy clouds and the temperature when we landed was 26. By the time we arrived at Port Douglas we were ready for another relaxing holiday. Travelling along Port Douglas Road we noticed that the resorts where we had previously stayed had changed their names – Sea Temple is now Pullman Sea Temple while Tree Tops is now Ramada.

After unpacking our bags at the Regal we explored Macrossan Street to see what changes had occurred since our last visit three years ago. EJ’s Fish and Chips was no longer there. Neither was Porto’s Pizza or the other pizza shop that used to be around the corner. A couple of other restaurants had also disappeared and Mango Jam now had a new name, identity and colour scheme (Coco’s Bar and Grill). Menu reading is still a popular pastime in Port Douglas and a number of restaurants had interesting pizza on their menus, making up for the absence of Pizza only eateries. We also found a fish and chip shop on the other side of the street and Dave’s Takeaways serves fish and chips as well as chicken and chips etc. Finz also has takeaway fish and chips.

Macrossan Street is the main street of Port Douglas and as well as trees on either side of the road trees are also planted down the middle of the street. Two of the trees have masses of pink flowers

Another tree opposite the Central Hotel has strings of lights strung around the trunk and looks spectacular when the lights are turned on at night.

On the Sunday we went to the Sunday Market and bought some fresh fruit plus a container of frozen mangoes. 
I then went for a swim in the pool.

In the afternoon we went for a leisurely walk along Four Mile Beach for 4.5 km before turning back.  

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