Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Castle of Mey

Thursday 14 August
Before travelling to the town of Thurso we visited the Castle of Mey, the castle owned by the Queen Mother which she visited each year for a break from the royal routine.
The castle has been kept as it was when the Queen Mother was in residence.
The castle was an interesting place to visit but the walled gardens were magnificent.
The extensive vegetable garden supplied the vegetables for guests.
Varieties of berries are protected from the birds.
Colourful flowers were everywhere.
Every space was in use - apple trees on the wall.
Ever practical - these beds were designed for cut flowers for the vases in the castle.

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the Castle of Mey and the glimpse it provided of the life of the Queen Mother. The sun being out briefly during our visit was an added bonus.

We then continued to Thurso where we were to stay at the Station Hotel in a two bedroom suite for the next two nights. Above and below are views from the hotel windows.

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