Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Road to Inverness

Wednesday 13 August
 Back in the coach we began to pass hills covered with heather.
The absence of trees is a feature of the landscape.
As a number of people in our group belonged to the MacPherson family the coach stopped at the MacPherson Family Association Museum where we were enthusiastically welcomed by the guide on duty.
As we continued to travel north the weather deteriorated however the cattle appeared content with their environment.
On the way to Inverness we stopped at a property in the Spey Valley where we watched a farmer show how Scottish Border Collies are to round up the sheep and cattle.

This day may have started with blue skies but the session ended with dark clouds and a rainbow.
Leaving the sheep at peace in the paddock we proceeded to Inverness where we were to stay the night.
At Inverness we stayed at the Kingsmills Hotel which was quite luxurious with a huge bedroom and extremely large bathroom.
After settling in we went for a walk into town.
Inverness Castle was built in 1836 but a castle has been on this site since the eleventh century. The castle overlooks the Ness River and now serves as the court-house.
Street view including this tollbooth steeple built in 1791 adjoining the old court-house building.
The shopping mall at the end of the day was empty - definitely time to return to the hotel after another busy day.

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