Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Loch Ness, Culloden Moor, Helmsdale

Thursday 14 August
 The first stop of the morning was at Loch Ness and yes, it was cold and windy and wet.
Despite the weather it is quite a scenic spot,
but there was no sign of Nessie.
Culloden Moor, where the Jacobite Rebellion ended in 1746, was the next stop.
At the Culloden Visitor Centre we were able to view displays about this period of Scottish history and also listen to a presentation about the short battle and what happened to the sympathisers of the rebellion.
It is also possible to explore the area where the battle took place.
As the bus continued to drive north we passed oil rigs,
stone structures from the past
and lots of green fields and hills.
The lunch stop was at the picturesque village of Helmsdale.
On the hill, the war memorial is located. The building on the left of the photo is the ice house. The ice house was built to store fish caught in the area and was regularly used until the arrival of the railways in the 1870s which made the transportation of the catch easier.
The Highland Games were held at Helmsdale on 16 August and preparations for the events were being made. Events included heavy weights, dancing, piping competitions, a Scottish Hill Race. tug of war and children's events. A dance was held in the evening.
This Emigrants statue commemorates the many people who have left the district to settle in countries overseas, especially during the Clearances.
Fishing boats still operate from the harbour at Helmsdale.

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