Saturday, July 11, 2015

Game 1 against Essex at Old Brentswoods CC

8 July saw the first game of the Victorian over 60s tour which was against Essex at Old Brentwoods Cricket Club. We loaded all our luggage into the coach as we were to travel on to our next location, Norwich, after the game. It was good not having to worry about how to get to Brentwood - Steve our coach driver did all the work.
We arrived at the club rooms ready for the game, after a cup of tea or coffee.
The weather was suspect but the game got under way with Victoria batting. Steve suggested that the Wags might like to have a drive to Chelmsford so the eight of us boarded the bus. Then it began to rain. On arrival in Chelmsford we found a pub to have some lunch and wait for the rain to stop. Five of the Wags then went off to look at the shops while three of us decided to check out the cathedral.
The church has only been a cathedral since 1914 but the building is much older, possibly originally built 800 years ago but rebuilt in the 15th and 16th centuries.
It is probably built from local stone. The patterns on the walls are decorative.
The windows on either side of the porch are dedicated to the members of the American airforce who served in Essex.
It symbolises the friendships formed between the two countries and the gratitude shown by the local people for the assistance from the Americans during the second part of World War II.
Views inside the cathedral.
Back at the cricket rain had interrupted play and tea had been taken. The Victorians continued batting to give everyone some practice.
Two of the players, including Robin, injured their legs. The number of overs that Essex needed to bat was reduced and they easily reached the new score with overs in hand.
By the end of play the shadows were well over the ground. But it was a good match, except for the injuries, played in good spirit. After a meal of curry we piled back into the coach for the trip to Norwich.

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