Saturday, July 11, 2015

Sunbury on Thames

After the conclusion of the Australian over 60s cricket tour of England we shifted location from Hounslow to the Travelodge at Sunbury where we stayed for three days. This gave us time to relax a little after a hectic month of touring and also to meet members of the Victorian over 60s team as they arrived. We also explored Sunbury on Thames.
The first challenge is this subway under the road which has multiple entrances and exits. By the end of the stay we had almost worked it out.
We found that the easiest way to get to the river was to walk a couple of kilometres down Green Street. The houses in this part of Sunbury are very different from what we saw in Hounslow, only a few miles away.
We walked to the river on a couple of days. Access to the river from Sunbury is limited however there are a few places where you can walk short distances along the banks.
The first evening at Sunbury a group of us had dinner at the Magpie Hotel overlooking the river. We passed the hotel when we went for a walk the next day.
We went back to Rivermead Island and watched rowers pass by.
At the end of the island there is a view of the residential area from the river.
Further on we found a small bridge that leads to another island of private homes.
There were some river views from the bridge.
The next day we went back to find the Walled Garden that we had seen signs for previously.
It was very colourful and tranquil though we found some squirrels enjoying a feed of the flowers.
Many of the others in the group went exploring on the local buses or train but we decided to conserve our energy for the next part of the adventure.

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