Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Game 2 against Norfolk at Old Buckenham Cricket Club

While I was exploring Norwich there was still a game of cricket to be played. The bus trip to the Old Buckenham Cricket Club, Attleborough in Norfolk, took only took 20 minutes - a short trip compared with some of the others undertaken. Australian financier, Lionel Robinson, lived at Buckenham Hall about 110 years ago and established the cricket club. In 1921 Warick Armstrong and other members of the Australian cricket team played a match at this club. A South African team had played a match at the ground in 1912 while the an Australian Imperial Forces team played a match there in 1919.

Victoria batted first and scored 9 for 209 runs. Bill Wigmore made 50 runs while Gordon Cowling made 41. Norfolk then batted. They had agreed to retire batsman at 50 runs so they all had a bat. One of their batsmen Martin Pearse returned at the end of the innings. Norfolk needed 7 runs off the last over and the result was a thrilling tied game.

On the trip back to the hotel the happy Victorians called into the Game Keeper pub for dinner.

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