Monday, July 27, 2015

Game 10 against Northamptonshire at Wellingborough

Wellingborough Silver Ladies
As we entered Wellingborough we were greeted with the sight of statues of three silver ladies by the side of the road. Apparently there is also another set on the other side of the road. They certainly are eye catching.
Yes, it was raining again when we arrived at Wellingborough Town Cricket Club at Wellingborough in Northamptonshire. There was also an additional complication as the gates to the ground were too narrow for the coach.
There are a number of photos of teams on the walls of the club room including one of a team in 1936 so the club has been in existence at least since then.
The club had spent a lot of energy into advertising the match and as it was a Sunday had hoped to attract a crowd of up to 200 spectators. The rain ruined those hopes.
There was nothing that we could do but watch the weather forecast on various devices and wait to see if there would be an improvement in the weather. Some of the wives had an introductory session on creating blogs.
Eventually there was a break in the weather.
The pitch and ground were inspected and it was decided to play a shortened game.
Northamptonshire batted but after four overs the rain returned, the covers also returned and the game was called off.
Team photos were taken and then we had afternoon tea.
The sandwiches and cakes were delicious but the highlight was a selection of small cricket cakes.
It was suggested by some that this is the standard that we should follow back home!

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