Thursday, July 23, 2015

Game 6 against Cheshire at Chester

The game was played at the Chester Boughton Hall Cricket Club in the suburbs of Chester.
The narrow suburban streets proved to be too much of a challenge for the coach so we walked the short distance to the ground from where the coach could be safely parked. The match started at 11.00 am as another function had been booked in the club rooms that evening.
The dates on the honour boards in the club show that the club was in existence by 1873.
While the men set off to play cricket seven of the Wags stayed on the bus to travel into Chester for three hours. We returned to discover that the Victorians had only compiled 140 runs. Graeme Cook retired at 40. The players had had their lunch and were fielding. Lunch had been kept for the Wags and we then watched the end of the match.
 The Victorian score was over taken in the 22nd over. The Cheshire side was a player short at the beginning of the match so Guy Eastwood substituted in the Cheshire team taking two Victorian wickets and making 19 runs. Fortunately it was not a close game.

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