Thursday, July 30, 2015


While at Lutterworth for Game 11 Karen, Nola, Lyn and I went for a walk to explore the town.
We walked through the church yard of St Mary's Church which borders the cricket ground and into a street with buildings demonstrating a variety of architectural styles.
There were many interesting buildings in the town.
We also passed the local public library.
As usual for towns in Europe in summer there were displays of colourful flowers in the streets as well as on the buildings.
Near the war memorial we found a memorial to Sir Frank Whittle who developed a turbojet engine in Lutterworth in the 1930s.
When you enter the town there is a statue of an early jet plane - another memorial to Frank Whittle.
John Wycliffe 1324-1384 was rector in Lutterworth from 1374 until 1384. There is a memorial to him outside the Wycliffe Memorial Methodist Church. John Wycliffe initiated the first English translation of the Bible. He was also a prominent influence in what later became the Protestant Reformation.
The Wycliffe Reading Rooms are also a reminder of Wycliffe's presence in Lutterworth in the fourteenth century.
Our trip to Lutterworth was not just sight seeing. There were also shops to explore and Lyn, in particular, enjoyed seeing what was available.
We then returned to the cricket to watch Victoria win the game.

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