Tuesday, July 7, 2015


On 30 June we left Tunbridge Wells, which we had only glimpsed from the car while driving to and from matches, and drove to Hounslow where we stayed at the Shalimar Hotel.
 Most of the players went for a tour of The Oval and lunch in The Committee Room.
Robin at The Oval
The previous night we learned that a decision had been made to make this a player only event although originally it had been open to anyone on the tour. Therefore Robin and the others went by train to The Oval while I stayed to explore Hounslow.
Hounslow is a suburb of London with a large proportion of the population from India and Middle Eastern countries. It is also beneath the fight path of aeroplanes travelling to and from Heathrow so it can be a little noisy at times.
I found the local library and also a place selling New Zealand ice cream.
The famous red London buses are everywhere.
Most of the housing is terraced houses.

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